Then Monday rolled around with the mail bringing news that brought tears to my eyes, and not good ones. There were two envelopes from SS one was for dh and it claimed that he had NOT been in communication with them and therefore they could not calculate his projected ss check. Uhhh! We made our appointment in mid November right after we got the first letter stating they needed to discuss numbers with him and went into the office on the 18 of December. How is that NOT in communication with them? Gotta love the guberment.
While it did not give a number of the check it did say basically he wouldn’t get one until APRIL! Even more disturbing it had his income for the last two years and estimated for this year much LESS than what he made/will make in each year. Which could HUGELY affect how much we get for the rest of our life! Remember my checks are based on a percentage of his and his are based on how much he pays in on his income.
Dh keeps a close eye on his reported earnings to SS after that employer didn’t pay taxes one year even though they were taken out of dh’s check. So he KNEW the correct amounts were in his file. He got on the web immediately and checked, yep his file on the SS webpage had the correct numbers so where did SS come up with these lower numbers, especially that much lower? He had also discussed the correct numbers with the man at the SS office on the 18th and the numbers at that time were the higher amount. What the heck?
These two things made me extremely upset to say the least. It was going to screw our whole game plan royally and I’d already made reservations for our celebration trip!
Then we moved on to my letter, expecting the same thing since I can’t draw until he does and they wouldn’t be able to calculate my amount without his.
Only mine had an amount and basically said I’d get the February check. How could that be based on what his letter said? Like I said GUBERment! I was so angry and frustrated, plus upset because this could really upset our snowball plans (plus other stresses this last few weeks) I blubbered like a baby for quite awhile.
Then I put my big girl panties on, looked dh square in the eye (which is no easy trick considering I’m barely 5’1” and he’s 6’1” and said “You WILL call and get this straightened out tomorrow RIGHT?”
He said “I was already planning on it.” That made me smile, not because he was going to handle it, but because before DR he would have not even considered making the phone call and would have demanded I handle it. Now he is very involved in our financial planning and things like this. We have discovered he often get faster results if he calls then if I do. Plus, after all it was HIS account that was in question and they probably would not have even spoke to me.
Of course on Tuesday he got sent to voice mail, that stated they’d call right back. They didn’t on Tuesday. Wednesday was New Year’s Day so we expected nothing, and that’s exactly what we got. Wednesday night dh said if they didn’t call him by noon on Thursday he was calling again. They didn’t, he did, voice mail again.
We had made plans to “drop in” without an appointment on Friday since it was a half day for him anyway if he couldn’t get hold of his advisor. We wanted answers and we wanted them NOW! After it taking them 18 months to straighten out his payback to ss in 2010/2011 we weren’t going to patiently wait. Goodness knows how long that would take!