My fiance and I are completely different on this

I am a perfectionist, so I feel like I cant start until I am completely ready, and have the time to get completely finished…to perfection. This translates into…nothing ever gets done.
My fiance is a do-er. He just jumps in head first and things get done.
I have been talking for YEARS about cleaning up my upstairs and setting up my son’s room up there. Literally years. “But I need to go through the stuff!” “There is no where to put the stuff I neeeeed to keep!” One word to him and we were up there. Took me kicking and screaming. Guess how long it took? An hour and a half. I neeeeeded to keep very little, as it turns out. ::sheepish grin::
Now its a great large room for a 17 year old boy.
One word of advice? Do it on a trash night. We went up, made piles, quickly without much thought, and straight out to the curb everything went. Some good stuff went, but I dont get a huge sentimental attachment to “stuff” so out it went. Everything else was put in organized boxes in the back attic area.