My husband would LOVE this conversation!

He works for a contractor in the VW call center as a product specialist. He is one of the biggest VW nerds out there so he LOVES his job….we wish it paid more, but it’s so perfect to fill his VW neediness every single day. He got the VW Lego bus for Christmas from my I laws and spen the last week putting it together. :). Last year, we needed a new tent for camping, so for his birthday, we went in with family for him and got a VW bus tent. It is sooo. Awesome. 🙂

Just as a bizarre side note

I was driving on I-5 sometime in 2012 and saw a van which had been redone in Scooby Doo style. Someone put a heckuva lot of time and effort into it. They very accurately recreated the van from the animated show. Then in the two back windows, they had a full-color, life-size image of Scooby and that long-haired teenager kid that was his pal. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I managed to get some pix (yes, as I was driving, not a good thing) just to prove that I wasn’t hallucinating. It was really a blast from the past, seeing that van. One part admiration that someone did such a good job on it, and one part “Yikes!” that they’d choose that particular van to re-create.