As we were bebopping around

the house doing chores (boring) we chatted about our finances, a pretty usual topic these days.

Dh thanked me for working so hard and diligently on keeping us on track with DR then he added a but…

It seems he is concerned that once we are debt free that I have been so motivated and focused in on getting debt free that I won’t want to relax on the tight hold on the budget we’ve been running on.

I’m sorry, that was so silly I burst into a fit of laughter. I asked him if he had SEEN my want to buy list. He replied, “but you have wanted to buy that stuff for a long time and whenever extra money came in you could have bought at least some of the less expensive items on it with blow money, and you haven’t. I’m worried.”

I assured him I would have no trouble in us enjoying ourselves, on a budget specifically set up for that in the future.