Trying this a. My phone sent it before I was done

Did I mention I am having one of those days ? LOL I have had another Murphy week. The transmission went out on the suburban this morning. We were in a parking space with a pole at the front bumper and the reverse went out. We are pretty sure it’s the transmission but, hubby is gone to have the cylanoids checked on a computer. I got a great deal on a transmission replacement $850 from my cousin who is a great mechanic.BTW I just replaced the spark plugs and wires this weekend. I guess murphy laughed ! Then I made a huge $200 error in my checking. I usually keep it balanced to the penny and have for years. I still can’t believe I did that. Nothing bounced and I caught it quickly. I am still kicking myself on that one. So, if you need me I will be hiding under a rock till this day passes. 😉

I, too, read that and my first reaction was it isn’t so much the ‘financial’ stress as ANY stress

At least, that’s my inclination. Any sort of stress is quite distracting; so much so that one isn’t going to do as good a job on anything when their attention is splintered. A budgeting buddy is always a very good idea, though, as in most aspects of life, second opinions are always food for though.