Jhon, kind of off-topic but wanted you to know

I was just bragging on you to a young girl just starting high school. She is the only girl in auto mechanics, no dad in her home to teach her anything, and she is getting a bit of a hard time about it. I told her of a successful businesswoman with a beautiful automobile who can do her own maintenance. This one is a determined little gal and have no doubt she can do it. It’s not the instructor giving her a hard time, it’s other students. Ha, never challenge a stubborn woman…that just fires em up.

In 2008, we went from a house

home day care, and teenagers (in Michigan), to empty nest and an apartment (in Minnesota). We decluttered A LOT. We’ve moved two more times since then, and decluttered every time we moved. But somehow, the clutter keeps multiplying. And multiplying. And multiplying. Besides yarn, my weakness is paper — cards, stationary, stickers, post-it notes. And if the sign says “Clearance”, I’m hooked! So I’ve learned to say out of those kinds of stores. To browse the web-sites, then delete. And to throw things away. But I swear, it still multiplies!