I love the books by Dan Aslett

I started with “(NOT) For Packrats Only” Very funny and encouraging!!! It has a lot of tips on how to clean out specific areas. For me the magic was getting past certain types of emotional clutter: “It was a gift!” Well, maybe I can gift it to someone who will USE it. “I”m going to fix it!” No, I’m NOT. (how about a deadline?) “It belongs to someone else” Get it to them. NOW “I could use it someday”. No, it’s going to sit there and rot. “It’s a souvenir!” It’s getting dusty and moldy. Take a digital picture of it and let it go. “It was Grandma’s!” Grandma didn’t want to burden you with clutter. Pick one or two things you really love and let the rest go someplace where they will be truly valued. Saving everything is hugely expensive in real dollar terms, when you start figuring how much you’re paying for the space and how much time and energy the clutter costs you. You actually save money getting rid of it even if you DO find yourself going out and buying something occasionally that was in your “I might use it someday” pile. And the new one is nicer and more useful. (and there will always be MORE yogurt containers and paper bags. And rubber bands ROT, go spend a dollar and get a bag of good new ones that won’t break) My big weakness is *books* but between interlibrary loan and ebay and Amazon.com, I know that I can put my hands on any book I want in a matter of a couple days. So I am trying to cut down to only those books I will truly read again and love.

Go down there

with a shovel and bunch of giant garbage bags, put everything in them, have a clean empty room then you can think, then unload each bag wherever you have moved them, one at a time.. gives a different perspective…