Frank, you’ve posted pictures of your basement

have you ever seen the hoarding shows? The pictures I’ve seen don’t look like anything I’ve seen on those TV shows, including Clean Sweep. If you get in there and start you should be done in an afternoon. No shovel required, I think you had a lot of boxes and no dead animals.

My fiance and I are completely different on this

I am a perfectionist, so I feel like I cant start until I am completely ready, and have the time to get completely finished…to perfection. This translates into…nothing ever gets done. My fiance is a do-er. He just jumps in head first and things get done. I have been talking for YEARS about cleaning up my upstairs and setting up my son’s room up there. Literally years. “But I need to go through the stuff!” “There is no where to put the stuff I neeeeed to keep!” One word to him and we were up there. Took me kicking and screaming. Guess how long it took? An hour and a half. I neeeeeded to keep very little, as it turns out. ::sheepish grin:: Now its a great large room for a 17 year old boy. One word of advice? Do it on a trash night. We went up, made piles, quickly without much thought, and straight out to the curb everything went. Some good stuff went, but I dont get a huge sentimental attachment to “stuff” so out it went. Everything else was put in organized boxes in the back attic area.

Yes – the Flylady way

Not sure if it’s or .net. I have lost some ground but never all that I gained. It took a couple of months. One room had been the catch-all junk room for YEARS, my daughter and I committed 15 minutes a night, were ruthless with ourselves and the stuff and in a week it was a habitable guest room. Last summer did the same for our garage, I renovate houses and after each job all the tools, leftover supplies etc. got piled in the garage – it was ugly. That took more like three days, 4-5 hours a day but it was a real priority for me and I was between houses.