Last big decluttering session was when we wanted to put hardwood floors in

I had my kids do their rooms and I did the guest room, my room and 2 hall closets. What didn’t fit in the pod I had rented, didn’t stay. they had to leave room for the bedroom furniture that would be moved out after we left the house. I gave myself 1 week before I took the kids and left for 2 weeks and 1 week to unload the pod when we got back…total 1m rental on the pod I think I got rid of the most before we left, but they were then stuck with the task of nothing could be on the floor except gym bags. Need to declutter again….perhaps tiling the back room would work this way.

I don’t follow her emails anymore

But I still use my timer. Whatever method you choose, Eldred, try setting a timer for 15-20 at a time. Take a short time in between. It is fun to challenge yourself against it and amazing what can be accomplished in that amount of time. You will be able to chip away at it pretty quickly. The method of removing everything, sorting and reassembling can be pretty daunting, time consuming and will definitely need extra hands and preferably a sunny day. Not impossible. Maybe clear a lot in short bits and then do a final over haul? Let us know how you do!