Well, I know some on here have said they don’t like flylady much

but she recommends just doing one box or one bag at a time….or only working for a short while like 15 minutes at a time…then taking a break…you can work longer than that or maybe do 2 to 3 15 minute sessions per day….but she warns against trying to do too much at once and burning yourself out though, which is what happens far too often if we try to do too much at once.

In my other life I teach organizing and decluttering

I have actually used a shovel to clear out a clients basement. It was a very big job! An overflowing basement can take weeks or even months depending on the time devoted, the ability to let things go, and the quanity of “stuff”. Pick a starting spot in the room and work that section until clear. Used the do I use it, do I love it, does it make me smile principal. If soemthing does not meet these criteria, get rid of it. Keeping things for “someday” creates nothing but clutter and ultimately becomes a burden.

Depends, on a great deal of factors

how many people doing it, how much stuff, how big house, etc, etc. What I always find works is a little a time, and keeping what you have done, done. If you have things you want to get rid of, do it then, not wait for a load, that type of thing.