Despite the time and emotional break down of the jeers..the cheers are great!

I also knew you were going to go into Pintrest and maybe not come out until 2015 when I got the notice in my inbox that ” Your friend C.J. Patterson has joined Pintrest”.. LOL My cousin Kelly got so many ideas for WDW when they took their family this year… she made mouse silhouettes on the outline of their state for tshirts, pillowcases…waterbottle holders… anyhow… when you get done with Cuttlebug ( I refuse to look because I will want one), look at the Disney Boards or No trace of plagiarism with, and then the cooking boards, and the frugal boards..and the….. you get the idea…

What do you all think is a good age for children to

experience Disney for the first time? When they will remember their time, and enjoy the rides and other attractions? How much in advance can you plan and make payment arrangements on the trip? Wanna take my Pinky… Don’t mind putting it on the books now for 2020 (or some other year) if Disney will let me. Especially if I can lock in today’s rates for future years trips.